About Us

Why Life Skills Asia or Life Skills Center (LSC)?

LSC is a group of cognitive, personal and interpersonal abilities that help you cope with and manage
your lives in a healthy and productive manner. LSC defines our self as, “Abilities for adaptive and positive
behaviors that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.”

Why LSC?

Realizing that “Life Skills” are essential abilities to help promote mental well-being and competence in people while facing the harsh realities of life, we would thereby apply our 3 core values to following “Life Skills Mix” brought to you for your wonderful kids.

1. LSC based education is used to empower young people in challenging situations.

2. It is an interactive process of teaching and learning, where learners acquire knowledge and develop the right attitudes and skills, which support the adoption of healthy behaviors.

3. LSC and young people: LSC help young people develop self-awareness and self-esteem, and better understand their personal strengths, interests, priorities and goals. If children build these critical life skills in their formative years, before becoming adults, they are better prepared to make conscious, confident decisions about their life.

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